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5th Grade

Making Meaningful Connections Across Subjects

In our 5th Grade program, your child will begin to draw meaningful connections between American History, Literature, and Geography as they read texts ranging from the Newbery award-winning Hatchet to the illustrated Explorers of North America

With Edmentum’s Calvert Learning Lessons as your guide, you will help your child:

  • Continue to develop strong writing skills, composing a short story, op-ed, narrative, and explanatory texts using the ELA course.
  • Develop literary analysis skills while exploring themes, characters, setting, and conflict in texts chosen to engage your child’s imagination.
  • Explore how the Earth’s geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere interact.
  • Investigate the history of the U.S. and his/her home state from Reconstruction through the modern era.
  • Continue developing strong number-sense, mental-math, and problem-solving skills while learning to multiply two-digit numbers, practicing long division, and working with decimals and fractions.

Get Everything You Need to Guide Your 5th Grader’s Learning at Home

Our comprehensive program includes everything you need to successfully educate your child at home:

  • Step-by-step lesson plans and manuals to guide you.
  • Engaging, colorful texts, digital resources, and manipulatives from top education publishers.
  • An online learning platform provides 24/7 access to lessons, texts, interactive activities, assessments, progress tracking tools, and more.
  • Free support from state-certified teachers who help with curriculum questions, alternative teaching approaches, and keeping students on track.