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1st Grade

Building Foundational Reading, Writing, Math, and Science Skills

Edmentum’s Calvert Learning 1st Grade curriculum continues to build on and add to skills your child learned in Kindergarten. Over the course of the year, you’ll see your child develop into an increasingly independent reader, writer, and critical thinker.   Using detailed lessons, you’ll guide your child as he/she:

  • Develops a fuller range of phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and fluency skills.
  • Expresses ideas in his/her own words through projects and writing opportunities woven throughout the curriculum.
  • Builds a stronger foundation in math skills and concepts using research-based math methods.
  • Feels our country’s past come alive with read-aloud narratives about well-known explorers, political figures, inventors, and leaders in American life.
  • Investigates how light helps us see and sound travels over distance.

Get Everything You Need to Guide Your 1st Grader’s Learning at Home

Leavenworth provides everything you need to successfully educate your child at home:

  • Step-by-step lesson plans and manuals to guide you.
  • Engaging, colorful texts, digital resources, and manipulatives from top education publishers.
  • An online learning platform provides 24/7 access to lessons, texts, interactive activities, assessments, progress tracking tools, and more.
  • Free support from state-certified teachers who help with curriculum questions, alternative teaching approaches, and keeping students on track.